Auckland ICT Survey , 10 Jan 2011

The Executive Committee has reviewed the full report and accepted the recommendations. The shorter report "Executive Summary and Recommendations"  is now available to download. Here are the main recommendations:

  1. Works actively to quantify the benefits of membership and promote those benefits to current non members in multiple ways.
  2. Schedules meetings on Thursdays (most popular day) earlier in the month rather than the last Thursday of the month.
  3. Invites the following speakers, nominated by members, Owen McCall, (CIO, The Warehouse), Tweet Twins (again), Geoff and Derek Handley (Hyperfactory).
  4. Provides updates from NZICT in person twice per year with the option for Auckland ICT members to subscribe directly to NZICT email updates as a benefit of Auckland ICT membership.
  5. Continues to maintain awareness of the range of finance options, including grants, available to business, including information provided on the members’ only section of the Auckland ICT website.
  6. Provides regular updates on Special Interest Group (SIG) activities and promotion of the benefits of joining each SIG.
  7. Actively promote and highlight at every opportunity the benefits of attendance at meetings
  8. Ensures support is given to help participants ‘engage more’ in the process during meetings.  This can be done through the facilitated discussions that take place on a regular basis
  9. Initiates a specific promotion plan that highlights the successes of Auckland ICT.  This may include case studies of success of individual companies or SIG's to promote benefits of membership and demonstrate value to sponsors.

We were pleased to receive a total of 99 responses. We would like to thank everyone who responded as well as Chris Mitchell of Axcel Institute for designing the survey and writing the report.


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