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President's Welcome

I would like to make a special welcome to you and thanks for dropping in on the Auckland ICT cluster.

In today's world of high tech business, instant and remote communication or broadband download, there is one aspect that is a constant the world over to successful business – RELATIONSHIPS and being CONNECTED to fellow business people. Since the cluster's beginnings, we have strived to create an environment where businesses can collaborate, keep informed, learn, network, develop friendships, establish commercial relationships or participate in industry visits.

We are a voluntary industry organisation, managed by a small committed group of business owners who believe that, bringing together ICT companies of any size,  ICT will lead to growth for all participants. We work on the premise that what you put into your interaction with the other ICT Cluster members is directly proportional to the benefits you will receive.

Auckland ICT continues to grow in strength and recognition by the business community at large. We have a variety of sponsors who provide financial support and facilities to meet in various Auckland venues. Guest speakers volunteer their time with the sole purpose to help you increase your company’s success.

Our membership is diverse, including companies active in software development, Formula One simulators, digital signage component distribution, education, electronic manufacturing, consulting, service provision, horticulture, Government agencies, digital media, business mentoring and legal services.  Their staff levels range from a sole employee to 50 or more with a focus within New Zealand or exporting.

If you are a recently established company or new to the Auckland scene, then joining the Auckland ICT cluster should become a priority to help you get connected. In particular, small companies often find that their isolation diminishes over time when they feel connected with trusted peers.  Although many of our members are business owners, we also welcome employees and recently established a category for Students.

Every month you will have a valuable opportunity to hear from successful business leaders, network with potential new business partners, listen to war stories on topics such as raising funding or exporting. We create a friendly environment where you can practice your pitch and tell us about your company.  We keep the fees very affordable and, thanks to our sponsors, are able to provide excellent hospitality!

So. please browse through this web site. You’ll see that some areas are for members only and we do encourage people to become full members. We always publish our next meeting time and venue and if you subscribe to the e-newsletter you can be kept up to date automatically.

On behalf of my fellow committee members and ICT colleaques, we look forward to meeting you in the future at a cluster event.

Kevin Andreassend


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