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Date Title Venue Location
Tuesday 27 Oct 2009,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
Export Success Simpson Grierson Auckland
Thursday 26 Nov 2009,
05.30.PM - 07.30.PM
RWC 2011 Business Opportunities Auckland Town Hall Reception Lounge Auckland
Thursday 10 Dec 2009,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
Auckland ICT Social ecentre MASSEY Auckland
Thursday 29 Apr 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
Preview of website and Trans-Tasman ICT link-up Auckland Town Hall Ground Floor Council Chamber Auckland
Thursday 27 May 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
Growth in a Tough Market Simpson Grierson Auckland
Thursday 24 Jun 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
NextWindow's Journey PricewaterhouseCoopers Auckland
Thursday 29 Jul 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
“Taking a hi-tech company international”, Sir Ken Stevens Raffles College of Design & Commerce Auckland
Thursday 26 Aug 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
Trans-Tasman Link-up with Business Gold Coast UNITEC Takapuna Campus North Shore
Thursday 30 Sep 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
AGM. Growth pains for start-ups, The ICEHOUSE team Simpson Grierson Auckland
Thursday 28 Oct 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
Data & content explodes - NZ at the forefront of many challenges Auckland Town Hall Ground Floor Council Chamber Auckland
Thursday 25 Nov 2010,
05.00.PM - 07.30.PM
A case study on building business through cooperation - even among fierce rivals! Last event of 2010 Massey University, Albany Campus North Shore
Tuesday 14 Dec 2010,
06.00.PM - 08.00.PM
Joint NZSA & Auckland ICT Christmas Party Parnells on the Rose Garden Auckland
Thursday 20 Jan 2011,
04.30.PM - 07.30.PM
The Local Hi-Tech Economy Survey Microsoft NZ Ltd Auckland
Thursday 17 Feb 2011,
05.00.PM - 07.45.PM
Citizen Service Platform Ver2- Innovation and Industry Auckland Town Hall Ground Floor Council Chamber Auckland
Thursday 17 Mar 2011,
05.00.PM - 07.45.PM
TIN100: Strong and Resilient UNITEC Takapuna Campus North Shore

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