Member Benefits

Auckland ICT makes it easy for companies and organisations to join.

Simply attend at least one Auckland ICT event and apply on LinkedIn to become an Auckland ICT member No additional cost. No hassle.

Income from our monthly meetings and sponsor support in money and in kind provide the necessary resources for the volunteers on the executive committee to create a calendar of events. No local or national government funding is provided.

Extending your network
  • Meet other members who benefit from attending the monthly networking events.
  • Benefit from using students and graduates at little or no cost to bring some of your projects off the back burner.
  • Be eligible to join one of the Special Interest Groups: Electronics & Technology or SasS
  • Attend NZICT events on the same terms as NZICT members
  • Website
  • List your company details on the member directory by category and three sub-categories
  • Post company news on the cluster website under "Member News"
  • Have your company listed under "Featured Member" for a month.  This is subject to demand.
  • Access the online discussion forum on
  • Include the Auckland ICT logo on your website or email signature.